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Community description:transformers fanfiction


This community deals mainly with Transformers Fan Fiction, but in addition to posting stories, you can also:

= Share story ideas - have an idea for a fic that you want to share with the rest of the community? Post a summary of it.

= Contribute writing tips - handy hints and tutorials on how to improve one's writing are always welcome. These include tips on just about anything to do with writing; from grammar, spelling and punctuation to writing dialogue and description.

= Put up a plot bunny for adoption - so you have this great idea for a fic, but are unable to write it for some reason, such as lack of time, unfamiliarity with the character(s), or are just plain swamped with fics. No problem, just put the idea up for adoption and maybe someone might give it ficcage.

= Ask for help - stuck on your fic or suffering from writer's block? Our members might be able to help you out.

= Request a beta-reader - if you need someone to proof-read your work (recommended) for creative and/or technical errors. Unless they're busy in real life, most of our members wont mind taking a look at your stuff.

= Make a fic request - want to read a story about a certain character doing something or the other? Or maybe your birthday's close and you want to see a particular fic. Request it, along with a good explanation for why you want it, and maybe someone (real life permitting) will grant your wish.

= Trade - maybe you have a fic that someone else wants to see: "trade" it in for a fic you'd like to see.

= Post a Contest - let's face it, we all need a bit of stimulation now and then. Say you're feeling generous and have a "prize" of sorts to give away. Organize a writing contest and reward the winner!

= Post a Challenge - this differs from a contest in that there are no winners, prizes or time limits. A challenge is basically something that revolves around a particular set of themes or ideas.


= I cannot stress this rule enough: This is a Transformers FAN FICTION community. Kindly keep your posts relevant to the community please. Posts about sightings, new toys you bought, reviews of episodes, what you had for dinner - they do not belong here. Please keep your posts strictly to fanfic related stuff.

= This community supports slash and other adult content. Content higher than a PG-13 rating needs to go behind a Friends Lock whether its fic, discussions, requests... you get the idea.

= Mary Sues/Gary Stus will be ritually sacrificed to Unicron. If you think your character(s) may be headed into Mary Sue territory, or just want to know the type of cliches that constitute a Mary Sue so you can avoid it, please Click This Link

= Plagiarism WILL NOT BE TOLERATED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES so any stories you post here had better be your own. If you are borrowing someone else's characters, ideas, plotlines, etc... ASK the original author for permission if possible, and kindly give credit where credit is due.

= Keep it civilized. No flame wars, personal insults or discrimination of any kind (be it racial, religious, cultural, etc) will be tolerated. If you think a fic might offend anyone, please ask someone to proofread it first, or place it behind a cut with the relevant warnings.

= All completed stories must be behind an LJ Cut. Click here if you dont know how to do an LJ Cut

= All completed fic must have some basic information about it before the cut.

= Please be civil when giving feedback to fics. Constructive criticism can be a big help to any promising writer. At the same time, if you get such feedback on your fics, dont think the person's insulting you; they're just trying to help you improve.

= With regards to Requests, Help and Beta-readers: please do be patient if no one responds to you immediately. Most of us have lives away from the Internet, and some may be a bit busier than others, so bear with us and someone will reply as soon as they can.

= Members have the right to decline any requests to write or beta. If that is the case, please do not pester them continuously. Just ask someone else.

= Searching for a specific member? :

You can simply copy this link into your browser and swap 'exampleusername' for the name of the user you wish to search for then it will take you to their postings for this community.

= Do not post quiz results here. That's what your personal LJ is for.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact any of our friendly Maintainers.


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(if your community has something to do with transformers or writing and you would like to be linked here, please contact one of the community maintainers)

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